The roof of a continent.

Nineteen thousand three hundred
and forty feet (5,895 meters).

A world unto itself, with a climb up through five distinct climate zones.
This is the opportunity of a lifetime to climb the tallest mountain in Africa. It stands majestically alone at 19,340 ft. And if you are fit, you can climb it by the Marangu route in 5 days. It isn't easy, but you can do it. You will receive a certificate from the Tanzanian government proclaiming your success.

If you want to do the full triathlon, first; the climb up Mt Kilimanjaro. It takes 5 days to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. the day after you come down you can participate in a Bike Race/Ride or make it a day of rest. Next is the marathon. Can you do it? That is the question. I have seen unbelievable amateur athletes do more than this. They say," I am not an athlete so I'd just do this for fun."  The bicycle ride highlights the farms  that are in Moshi. Then the day before the marathon is a full day of activities, but restful ones. On Sunday, June 29th is the marathon/half.  You can take your time for the marathon or  half marathon most runners do. However, some runners want to win. This is one of the few marathons where an amateur can win. Our best time is 3:12. There will also be some bikers who want to win. We have no professionals.  We only have amateurs just like you in all our races. Therefore, you could win an International Race. You could win it!





These are scenes from the climb up MT Kilimanjaro. You go above the clouds!